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Department of Chemical Engineering University of California, Santa Barbara Chemical Engineering 132B Computational Methods in Chemical Engineering Fall 2011 Homework #6 Homework due: Thursday, 1 December 2011 1. Solve the Blasius Problem discussed in class and in more detail in ChE 120A for high Reynold’s number flow past a plate by using the “shooting” method. In particular, solve the boundary value problem f ′′′ ( z ) + 1 2 ff ′′ ( z ) = 0 f (0) = 0 , f (0) = 0 , f ( ) = 1 by guessing a value of h 0 f ′′ (0), integrating the ODE out to a large z , z max , and comparing the first derivative f ( z max ) to the targeted boundary value of 1. Perform the integration using 4th-order Runge-Kutta, and optimize h 0 by using the built-in MatLab root-finding function fzero . Obtain a value of h 0 , i.e. the Blasius frictional drag coefficient C D , with a precision of 3 significant figures. Plot f , f and f ′′ versus z for your solution. 2. Solve the Cahn-Hillard interface problem discussed in class; namely, the following boundary value
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