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101011 hw2-f011 - Department of Chemical Engineering...

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Department of Chemical Engineering Fall, 2011 University of California, Santa Barbara 1 CHE 140B Problem Set No. 2 Due Tuesday, October 11, 2011 Note: Linear regression routines are strongly encouraged for use in this homework assignment. These numerical methods, which allow the slope and intercept to be calculated for a set of data points, are available with several computer packages, including Excel , Kaleidagraph , Matlab , or Mathematica . Problem 1: H 2 chemically adsorbs on reduced metals as individual atoms. For supported metal catalysts, chemisorption of H 2 is used to estimate “metal dispersion”, that is, the overall percentage of metal atoms that are on the surfaces of metal clusters and that are therefore accessible to catalyze surface reactions. (a) Derive the Langmuir adsorption isotherm for H 2 with dissociative adsorption. (b) Ward† studied the chemisorption of hydrogen on powdered copper metal and found the heat of adsorption to be independent of surface coverage. Equilibrium data from experiments at 25 °C are as follows: Hydrogen pressure, mm Hg 1.05 2.95 5.40 10.65 21.5 45.1 95.8 204.8 Volume adsorbed, cm 3 at 0 °C and 1 atm 0.239 0.564 0.659 0.800 0.995 1.160 1.300 1.471 † A.F.H. Ward,
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101011 hw2-f011 - Department of Chemical Engineering...

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