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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SANTA BARBARA DEPARTMENT OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING CHE 142 and ChE 242: Microelectronics Processing Spring 2003 Homework # 2 (Due April 23, 2003) 1) For an ideal silicon p-n abrupt junction at equilibrium at 300 K with N A =10 17 cm -3 and N D =10 16 cm - 3 calculate (a) the built in potential (b) the depletion layer widths on both the p and n side and the total depletion layer width. 2) Figure below shows experimental data for pull rate necessary to obtain single crystalline silicon boule as a function of the boule diameter. It is obvious that the pull rate, u~D -n where n is some power; in class we developed a model that predicted that n=1/2. (a) Using the experimental data calculate the experimental value of n. (b) Currently 300 mm diameter wafers are in production. Estimate how long it would take to grow a 1.5 m long boule.
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3) The purpose of this exercise is to make you realize the value of the product you are aiming to produce. (a) If each 1 mm section of the boule in problem 3 yields a wafer and you can sell each wafer for about $500 how much is the boule worth? (b) Approximately how many 1 cm × 1 cm microprocessor can you fit on a 300 mm diameter wafer? If each microprocessor chip sells for $500 how much is a single finished wafer worth? Wafers are transported in cassettes that hold about 25 wafers. Suppose that something goes wrong in the last step in the wafer processing and a cassette of wafers is processed under wrong conditions. How much money is lost? (c) If these 1 cm
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