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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SANTA BARBARA DEPARTMENT OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING CHE 142 and ChE 242: Microelectronics Processing Spring 2003 Homework # 6 (Due May 28, 2003) 1) One of the goals of this class is to teach you enough material so that you can read and understand current technical papers appearing in the literature on electronic materials processing. Attached you will find a recent paper by Professor Benziger’s group at Princeton Chemical Engineering Department. Read this paper carefully and take notes while you are reading it. Your notes should include major points of the paper in your own words and maybe even derivations of some of the equations or steps between various equations etc. They should be written in such a manner that someone else looking at them should be able to get the main points of the paper. (a) Turn in your notes. (b) Explain every figure in this paper in your own words. Specifically, describe the figure, the data in it and what the significance and point of the figure is.
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