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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SANTA BARBARA DEPARTMENT OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING CHE 142 and ChE 242: Microelectronics Processing Spring 2003 List of things you should know (possible quiz questions) Set # 4 1) What are the three film growth modes in epitaxy? Sketch what the surfaces look like and clearly state when each mode is encountered. 2) What are growth zones that determine the film growth morphology. Describe the film morphology and state when each is encountered. 3) What is molecular beam epitaxy? What are the advantages and disadvantages. Name some materials grown by MBE. 4) What is the Hertz-Knudsen equation? 5) What determines the growth rate in MBE. What is the growth rate most sensitive to? 6) Discuss the key factors that determine how far the substrate should be placed from the evaporation sources. 7) What is the difference between rough vacuum, high vacuum and ultrahigh vacuum? 8) Why doesn’t the pressure go to zero in a vacuum chamber even when there are no gasses flowing into the chamber?
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