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D EPARTMENT OF C HEMICAL E NGINEERING University of California, Santa Barbara ChE 152B Winter, 2010 Grading Policy for Personal File A. PREPARATION FOR LAB (10 pts) 1. General understanding 2. Pre-lab calculations (if any) 3. List of lab activities B. FILE COMPLETENESS (30 pts) 1. Description of variable names 2. Development of theory a. Assumptions b. Good theory c. Complete development 3. Raw Data a. Measurements b. Trend plots c. Calibration data 4. Numerical methods used a. Description b. Performed properly 5. Data analysis a. Compare theory and experimental
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Unformatted text preview: Complete set of figures and tables c. Error analysis 6. Results a. Summary b. Complete c. Basis of recommendations C. FILE ORGANIZATION (5 pts) 1. Logical order of presentation 2. Variable name consistency 3. Good description of tables and graphs 4. Trend plots labeled with time scales D. MISCELLANEOUS (5 pts) 1. Units on numbers 2. Mathematically correct 3. Significant figures 4. Neatness 5. Names of all lab group members 6. References (if necessary) 7. File & memo should be completely independent. 8. Copy of memo should appear in the File....
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