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Department of Chemical Engineering University of California, Santa Barbara ChE 152B Winter, 2010 Lab 1: Model Development This lab will serve to help you determine the physical behavior of the 4-Tank System using data from the process. The overall strategy is to use a linear approximation of the process model and linear dynamic response information to generate the physical parameters to fully describe the complete nonlinear model. 1. Calibration Procedure Before collecting any data from the 4-Tank System, you should verify the calibration of the level sensors. This calibration may need to be repeated on a weekly basis depending on the operating conditions during the week. 1.1 Calibration In this section, you will learn how to calibrate the differential pressure sensors (used to measure level) on the two lower tanks. The first thing to be aware of is that the control system signals are measured in a range of -10 to +10 V. In this calibration procedure, you will match the signal reading against the actual tank height (measured by you with a ruler) to calibrate the sensor. 1. Open the Simulink model file ‘calibration.mdl’ 2. The two source icons determine the pump speed. Input a pump speed and start the simulation using ctrl+T 3. For several values of pump speed, wait for the tanks to reach a new equilibrium and record both the actual liquid level (measured with a ruler) and the potential difference (pd) readout from the Simulink window. Do this for at least 4 values in each tank at levels spanning the range of achievable liquid levels. Stop the simulation and close the Simulink window.
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Lab1_W10_4tanks - Department of Chemical Engineering...

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