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Department of Chemical Engineering University of California, Santa Barbara ChE 152B Winter, 2010 Lab 2: PID Controller Tuning 1. Introduction In this lab, you will design a PID controller for the cart component of the pendulum experiment. You will employ tuning methods from your textbook. In this particular exercise, the pendulum control is not addressed, so you can treat that as a disturbance. Figure 1 – Pendulum Control System [from Feedback Instruments, Ltd. manual] 2. Pre-lab Analysis Review the documentation provided to the groups for lab 1, so that you are familiarized with the mechanics of the pendulum/cart experiment. Using the Simulink model file provided, you should run simulations to tune your controller before testing it on the experimental system.
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2 Treat the model as a “black box”, and attempt to generate data (in simulation) for design of a controller (e.g., step test, etc.). You may use any of the methods in Ch. 12 in SEM2 to design the controller; however, you should document very clearly in your report, and
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Lab2_W10_pendulum - Department of Chemical Engineering...

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