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Unformatted text preview: F11 ChE 170 Homework #1 Due: Thu Oct 13 1. One of the functions of lysosomes is to mediate the hydrolysis of proteins by the action of enzymes known as proteases. a. If there are 1000 protease molecules in a lysosome roughly 1 µm in diameter, calculate their effective concentration within the lysosome. b. If 100 molecules of a protease are in a secretion vesicle that is 100 nM in diameter would expect this compartment to be well mixed with regard to protease and substrate concentrations? Why or why not? c. Using your values from part a., calculate the fractional conversion of substrate present in the lysosome, assuming 10,000 substrate molecules are delivered to the protease rich lysosome if the reaction parameters are Vmax is 0.05 µM min ­1 and KM = 5 µM. d. Using your value from part b., calculate the fractional conversion of substrate...
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