2 in a paragraph discuss the mechanism by which

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Unformatted text preview: present in the vesicle, assuming 1,000 molecules are substrate are present and the reaction parameters are Vmax is 0.05 µM min ­1 and KM = 5 µM. 2. In a paragraph, discuss the mechanism by which compartmentalization in organelles augments the function of eukaryotic cells. 3. Yeast, bacteria, and human cells used to produce commercial products grow exponentially with doubling times of approximately 30 min, 90 min, and 8 hrs, respectively. Calculate the times required to produce 1012 cells from 105 cells for each cell type. Despite these differences animal cells are still used to make many commercially important bioproducts. In two or three sentences, explain why. 4. Diffusion in a cell. a. Estimate the time required for a protein to diffuse across a spherical prokaryote (Streptococcus) cell of 2 µm diameter, if it has a diffusion coefficient of 7.7 µm2 s ­1. b. What biological factors might make this estimate inaccurate? 5. Identify two commercial products that were not discussed in class (of interest to you) that are derived from a cell culture process. a. What is the product? b. Identify the organism genus and species used to make the product. c. Determine the value of the product (Sales price or cost of production). d. What reactor type is used to grow these cells? e. Is the product retained in the cell or secreted in the growth media?...
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