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Department of Chemical Engineering ChE 170 University of California, Santa Barbara Fall 2010 Bonus Project Due: Monday, Nov. 29 by 12pm Objective : To explain the function of a biological molecule using molecular visualization. Project The goal of this bonus project will be to create a “Biomolecular Art Gallery” for display during the last week of class and during finals. Students will create mounted, printed visuals of a particular protein or other biomolecule, with a short description in the form of a caption. Each project should adhere to the following guidelines: 1. The subject matter should be obtained as a downloaded structure file from the Protein Databank. You should search for something that is interesting to you. Some ideas might be found by looking through the course text, especially the panels and figures, recent news articles, or by visiting the following “Molecule of the Month” site at the Protein Databank:
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