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1 8-4-06/des Corrections for Next Printing Process Dynamics and Control, 2 nd Edition (2004) by Seborg, Edgar, and Mellichamp Page Item xiv Section 19.3: Change the title to “Unconstrained and Constrained Optimization”. 23 After “For case (b)”: In the first equation, add a left parenthesis before “200”. For “(c)”: In the first equation, add a left parenthesis before “500”. 27 Item 2: After “thus,”, insert: “ w i = w and” 29 In (2-46), replace “ Q ” by “ ρ Q CV ”. 31 First line: add a left parenthesis before “2-48)”. Change “0.5 min” to “1.0 min” on the right sides of the expressions for and ee ee ee mC /hA mC /wC . 31 In the first equation of the “Solution”: Change the minus sign to an equals sign. 48 Exercise 2.10: Add “ k 1 ” above the left arrow and “ k 2 ” above the right arrow. In (ii), in the equation for r 2 , change “ c A ” to “ c B ”. Finally, reduce the space between “ h ” and “ L by half, in both equations 56 Eq. (3-22): Add a minus sign after the first equals sign on the RHS. 76 Exercise 3.16: The correct wording below the equation is: “has initial conditions, (0) 1 (0 2 dy y, ) . dt = = 76 Exercise 3.17:In the 3 rd line: After “operator”, insert: “ shuts off the pure water flow and” In the 4 th line, add “with” after “but”. Also, in the “Data” section, change to ii cc . 82 1 st equation: Replace 1 by '' "X (s)" "X(s)" . Eq. (4-22): remove minus sign before 0.0531.
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Corrections_for_next printing _8_4_06_ - 8-4-06/des...

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