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Unformatted text preview: Department of Chemical Engineering University of California, Santa Barbara ChE 170 Fall 2010 Handout 8 Course equations Interactions 4 4 Coulomb’s law Lennard-Jones Thermodynamics ln Ω Δ exp Δ Δ 1 Δ ln constant Chemical kinetics ‡ Δ Δ ° exp ° ln Protein folding fold 1 model Ligand binding 1 Δ ln 1 1 Δ Enzyme kinetics max 1 1 1 exp non-competitive inhibition mixed inhibition max 1 1 ,app special cases product inhibition: decreases with time 1 1 max pH-sensitive model Michaelis‐Menten 1 max constant max max competitive inhibition ln Hill equation max max,app mechanism bind substrate inhibition: decreases more than expected with increasing 1 1 ,app Membranes 1 Δ 2 12 Π 60 ln Δ log critical micelle concentration osmotic pressure Nernst equation at 300 for ±1 charged ions Transport 1 6 Stokes‐Einstein 6 1 mean squared displacement two‐compartment model ...
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