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SEM_TOC56 - Rev Table of Contents for the 2nd Edition of...

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Rev 1-15-03 Table of Contents for the 2 nd Edition of Process Dynamics & Control By Dale E. Seborg, Thomas F. Edgar, and Duncan A. Mellichamp PART ONE: INTRODUCTION TO PROCESS CONTROL 1. Introduction to Process Control 1.1 Representative Process Control Problems 1.2 Illustrative Example 1.3 Classification of Process Control Strategies 1.4 A More Complicated Example--A Distillation Column 1.5 The Hierarchy of Process Control Activities 1.6 An Overview of Control System Design 2. Theoretical Models of Chemical Processes 2.1 The Rationale for Process Modeling 2.2 General Modeling Principles 2.3 Degrees of Freedom Analysis 2.4 Dynamic Models of Representative Processes 2.5 Solution of Dynamic Models and the Use of Digital Simulators PART TWO: DYNAMIC BEHAVIOR OF PROCESSES 3. Laplace Transforms 3.1 The Laplace Transform of Representative Functions 3.2 Solution of Differential Equations by Laplace Transform Techniques 3.3 Partial Fraction Expansion 3.4 Other Laplace Transform Properties 3.5 A Transient Response Example 4. Transfer Function and State-Space Models 4.1 Development of Transfer Functions 4.2 Properties of Transfer Functions 4.3 Linearization of Nonlinear Models 4.4 State-Space and Transfer Function Matrix Models 5. Dynamic Behavior of First-Order and Second-Order Systems 5.1 Standard Process Inputs
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2 5.2 Response of First-Order Systems 5.3 Response of Integrating Process Units 5.4 Response of Second-Order Systems 6. Dynamic Response Characteristics of More Complicated Systems 6.1 Poles and Zeros and Their Effect on System Response 6.2 Time Delays 6.3 Approximation of Higher-Order Systems 6.4 Interacting and Noninteracting Processes 6.5 Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output (MIMO) Processes 7. Development of Empirical Dynamic Models from Process Data
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SEM_TOC56 - Rev Table of Contents for the 2nd Edition of...

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