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New Course Announcement for Spring, 2004 Ch.E. 252: Monitoring Process and Control System Performance Instructor: Dale. E. Seborg, Room 3335, Eng. II ([email protected]) Time: 10-10:50 AM, MWF Place: Room 3301, Eng. II Text: None Prerequisite: Introductory course in either process control or automatic control (or consent of the instructor). Grade Distribution Home Problems 10% Mid-term Quiz 25% Term Project 30% Final Exam 35% Course Description This course provides an introduction to general strategies that can be used to monitor the performance of complex processes and their automatic control systems. Process monitoring is concerned with two broad issues (i) Is the current process operation normal or abnormal ( fault detection) ? (ii) If the performance is considered to be abnormal, what is the root cause ( fault diagnosis) ? Control system monitoring is concerned with similar issues but different monitoring strategies and methods of analysis are employed. Both model-based and data-driven monitoring
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