Last Test - Ancient China: -Civilizations are the outcome...

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Ancient China: -Civilizations are the outcome of major qualitative developments of culture: social, political, economic, and religious institutions. -Shag- builders of the first verifiable civilization/culture/ and dynasty of china. They were the first literate people of Asia. In Royal courts there were archivists and scribes who recorded the affairs of state with brushes, and ink on bamboo. The bamboo was then bound together in a book form called the Tse. We know of these books through references to them from other dynasties. The preserved written records from this dynasty are in the form of oracle bones and bronzes. Oracle bones are the records of divination. They were made from the scapula of oxen and cows. Priests/cows would shave the back of a bone and they would burn it and read the decision. However the backs of the bones were shaved in a specific pattern so those in power already knew the outcome. Possession was inscribed on bronze vessels. Cha Kuwen- writing on oracle bonds. Chin Win was writing on bronzes. Most text was written about politics and Rituals. There are there sources for text for the Shang Dynasty; oracle bones which are studied by cha kuologists, bronzes that are studied by chinwenologists, and books which are studied by pre chin text specialists. -Chou- the dynasty following the Shang dynasty. Two important events: - Rise and Era of Huang Ti. Where we see civilization come into place according to myths. 2697 b.c. The greatest power of cultural china. All the essential elements of civilization are accredited to him. He was also the greatest Chinese war hero. All of the subsequent dynasties are descended from him. Stories are symbolic and mythological rather than actual. He had to administer internally with laws and externally with armed forces. This was seen in the rise of cities and the rise of the state. -The Shang dynasty was the 2 nd historical dynasty. The Hsia/Xia dynasty was the first. -Ab Yang, was the first site for the Shang excavated by the Chinese archeologist Lichi. A
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Last Test - Ancient China: -Civilizations are the outcome...

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