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Department of Chemical Engineering University of California, Santa Barbara ChE 230A Fall 2006 Instructor: Glenn Fredrickson Homework #1 Homework Due: Thursday, October 5, 2006 1. Apply for an account to use the Engineering Computing Infrastructure (ECI) workstations. You can get an application in the main Chemical Engineering office. The workstations are distributed around the Engineering buildings I, II, and III; perhaps the most convenient are those located in 3236 Eng. II. 2. Once you receive the password to your account, login to any machine. The ECI supports Windows and various Unix operating systems, including Linux. Information on your account, mail services, etc., is available at the ECI website, http://www.engineering.ucsb.edu/eci/. 3. Check out our class web site at http://www.mrl.ucsb.edu/ ghf/che230a/index.html. Familiarize yourself with the contents of the site. 4. Execute Mathematica by typing “mathematica” at the Unix prompt or selecting
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Unformatted text preview: the Mathematica application under Windows. This will open up the program in the notebook environment. Mathematica commands are executed within each cell by clicking the cell, then typing “Shift-Enter.” 5. Use Mathematica to find the Taylor expansion of the following function about x = 0 to order x 12 : f ( x ) = [cos(4 x ) + sin 2 (10 x )] 4 . If you are not familiar with Mathematica, a tutorial is available on the Web at the URL: http://www.wri.com. You should also check out the tutorial “demo1.nb” on our class web site. 6. Mail the results of your calculation (in the form of an attached Mathematica notebook file) to the TA, Won Bo Lee, at [email protected] Include your name, your e-mail address, and the result of your Taylor expansion in the notebook file. 7. Welcome to UCSB!!...
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