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Syllabus - UCSB 1 Frdric Gibou ee Email Eng II Bldg Room...

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UCSB CS 111 - Numerical Analysis Fall 2011 1 Professor Name: Office: Phone: Web Site: Fr´ ed´ eric Gibou Eng. II Bldg., Room 2335 (805) 893-7152 http://www1.engr.ucsb.edu/˜fgibou/CS 111 Email: Lectures: Office Hours: [email protected] MW 11-12:15pm in Phelps 3515 W 4-5pm or by appointment 2 Teaching Assistants Name: Email: Office Hours: Veronika Strnadova [email protected] F 1-2pm in Phelps 1413 Name: Email: Office Hours: Fangqiu Han [email protected] F 3:30-4:30pm in Phelps 1413 3 Pre-requisites Math 5B (Linear Algebra), Calculus, CS 20 (Programming methods, Data structures, graphs/trees). Students who do not have a cs or engineering account need to apply for an account online at: https://www.engineering.ucsb.edu/˜admin/computer accounts/computer account request 4 Topics and Goals Introduction to scientific computing. Numerical Methods for Linear Algebra.
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