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PSIO 202, EXAM 2 PRACTICE TEST—NOTE: The purpose of the test is to prepare you for the exam, and to help focus your studying. It is not a “clone” of the actual examination . I recommend taking this at least 3 days prior to the exam so that you can focus on your weaknesses. R. Fregosi, PhD, Professor of Physiology & Neurobiology 1) The lymphatic system functions include A) reabsorbing fluid lost from the capillaries and transporting it to the blood. B) absorbing fats from the digestive system. C) defending the body against infectious disease. D) A and B are correct. E) A, B and C are correct. 2) Lymphatic vessels A) include capillaries that are open at both ends. B) resemble thin walled veins with one-way valves. C) have anchoring filaments. D) drain lymph into urine at the kidney. E) B and C are correct 3) Lymphatic nodules 4) All of the following mechanisms actually expel pathogens from the body EXCEPT: 5) The first stage of the inflammation response is 6) Which of the following is correct? A) T cells only recognize antigenic fragments that are processed and presented in specific ways. B) Exogenous antigens trigger production of abnormal MHC I complexes. C) Endogenous antigens cause production of MHC II complexes by antigen presenting cells. D) A and B are correct. E) A, B and C are correct.
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