ME125BP hmwk 1

ME125BP hmwk 1 - f = 1520lbs when θ = 0 d The tire...

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Homework #1 ME125BP Due Wednesday, April 6 in class Define parameters per the following drawing: Problem 1. Consider the above van on level ground having the following properties: W f = 1520lbs W r = 1150 h = 24.5inches h h = 14inches L = 120inches a) find b b) find c
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Problem 2. A two-axle 2000lb trailer is attached to the van of Problem 1 and the van is driven on an incline. The tow bar on the trailer is perfectly horizontal so that no vertical load is applied to the trailer hitch. The vehicle is moving at low speed and not accelerating. a) Find the tow bar tension as a function of θ . b) Find W f as a function of θ including the effect of the trailer. c) Verify that W
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Unformatted text preview: f = 1520lbs when θ = 0. d) The tire coefficient of friction μ = 0.25. With front wheel drive , what is the maximum angle of towing without wheel slip? Problem 3. Solve Problem 2d for rear wheel drive . Problem 4. A 1000kg vehicle with a 1-speed transmission can apply a maximum traction force of 2 30 15 1 000 , 10 ) ( v v F Newtons Where v is the velocity in m/sec and v ranges from 0 to 45 m/sec. a) Using Matlab, plot ) ( v F b) Using numerical integration in Matlab (e.g. the function ode45), find the minimum 0 to 30m/sec time for the vehicle. c) What is 30m/sec in mph?...
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ME125BP hmwk 1 - f = 1520lbs when θ = 0 d The tire...

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