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Homework #2 ME125BP Due Wednesday, April 13 in class Problem 1. Show that lb-sec 2 /in is a mass unit. Problem 2. In class, we derived the Fxmax equation, the maximum acceleration traction force (equation 2-23 in the text). Fill in the steps that I skipped in deriving the equation. Problem 3. Go to the website and look up differentials and limited- slip mechanisms. Describe in a sentence or two each mechanism. Problem 4. Let’s add a transmission to problem 4 from last week: a 1000kg vehicle , in 2 nd gear , can apply a maximum traction force of 2 30 15 1 000 , 10 ) ( v v F Newtons. The vehicle drive-train has the following properties: Nf = 3.5 Nt = 3.0, 2.0, 1.5, 1 for 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd , and 4 th gear respectively a) Using Matlab, plot the engine torque curve (N-m versus rad/sec).
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Unformatted text preview: b) Plot the Fx (N-m) curves verses velocity (m/sec) on a single graph for the four gears. c) Assume zero drive-train inertia; find the optimum shift points in rads/sec and RPM. d) What is the minimum 0 to 60 m/sec time with zero drive-train inertia? e) Assume that the engine inertia is 2kg-m 2 and that there is zero inertia for the remaining rotating components. What is Mr (kg) for the 4 gear ratios? f) What are the optimum shift points when Mr is taken into consideration? g) What is the minimum 0 to 60 m/sec time when the engine inertia is modeled? (When shifting up, assume that the engine drops speed instantaneously without a torque impulse to the drive-train.)...
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