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ME125BP Homework #4 Due Friday, May 18 Problem 1. Consider a ¼-car suspension model with the following parameters: M = 250kg M = 15kg Kt = 100,000 N/m a) Derive Z(s)/Zr(s) (Hint: replace d/dt with s in the differential equations and assume initial conditions are zero. Replace s with jw to get equation 5-14 as a check) b) Design Cs and Ks to for a performance car - explain. Plot the Bode plot from 0.01 to 100 Hz. (you may need to iterate your design). Problem 2. Using the suspension model of problem one, consider the effect of an imbalance mass on the acceleration of the mass M. Use the following parameters:
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Unformatted text preview: Imbalance mass = 0.1kg at a radius of 0.2m Wheel radius = 0.2m Tire radius = 0.35m a) find the Laplace transfer function from wheel force to acceleration of the mass M in symbolic form. (you can also replace jw with s and – w 2 with s 2 etc in equation 5-15 and divide through by M ) b) plot the amplitude of the imbalance force as a function of vehicle speed, v, for v = 0 to 50 m/s. c) plot the acceleration amplitude of the mass M as a function of vehicle speed...
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