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UCSB “Introduction to Robotics” ME170A/ECE181A, Fall 2011 Instructor: Francesco Bullo This is the website for the UCSB course ME 170A / ECE 181A “Introduction to Robotics”, Fall 2011 (lecture times during period: Th.22sep2011 through Fri.02dec2011). This information is available at the URL ht- tp://motion.me.ucsb.edu/ME170A-Fall2011 . A pdf version of this documentation and of the ABET syllabus for this course is available on the course website. Description Motion planning and kinematics topics with an emphasis on geometric reasoning, programming and matrix com- putations. Motion planning: configuration spaces, sensor-based planning, decomposition and sampling methods, and advanced planning algorithms. Kinematics: reference frames, rotations and displacements, kinematic motion models. Course Learning Outcomes An ability to apply knowledge of geometry, graph algorithms and linear algebra to robotic systems An ability to use a numerical computing environment, such as Matlab, to solve engineering problems An ability to formulate and solve planning problems in robotics
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