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UCSB “Linear Systems I” ME243A/ECE230A, Fall 2011 Instructor: Francesco Bullo This is the website for the UCSB course ME 243A / ECE 230A “Linear Systems I”, Fall 2011 (lecture times during period: Th.22sep2011 through Fri.02dec2011). This information is available at the URL ME243A-Fall2011 . Description The purpose of this course is to provide the students with the basic tools of modern linear systems theory: stabil- ity, controllability, observability, realization theory, state feedback, state estimation, separation theorem, etc. For time-invariant systems both state-space and polynomial methods are studied. The students will also be introduced to the computational tools for linear systems theory available in MATLAB. The intended audience for this course includes, but is not restricted to, students in circuits, communications, control, signal processing, physics, and mechanical and chemical engineering. Lecture Time and Place Engineering Bldg II, Room 2243, Mon and Wed 9:00am-10:50am Course credit Units: 4 Prerequisites ECE 210A Matrix Analysis and Computation Graduate-level matrix theory with introduction to matrix computations. SVD’s, pseudo-inverses, variational char-
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coursedescription-me243a-fall2011 - UCSB Linear Systems I...

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