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Unformatted text preview: Project 0: Find a Partner CSC 4101, Fall 2011 Due: 8 September 2011 In the first two programming assignments, you will implement a pretty-printer and an interpreter for Scheme, respectively, in either C++ or Java. The programs can be developed anywhere using any compiler but must be submitted and must compile and run on Although skeleton code will be provided, the total size of these two programs can easily be on the order of 500 lines of code each. It is, therefore, strongly suggested that you work in teams of two. To get started, find a partner, make sure that you can log into each of your accounts, and submit a README.txt file from each account to test the submission system. In the README.txt file list both your name and that of your partner as well as your choice of implementation language (C++ or Java). While you are logged in, make sure you change the password to something easier to remember using the shell command passwd Put your README.txt file into the directory ˜/prog0 in your cs4101xx account and submit using /classes/cs4101/cs4101_bau/bin/p_copy 0 1 ...
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