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Project 3: Semantic Analysis CSC 4351, Spring 2011 Due: 14 March 2011 Add type checking to your compiler as described on page 127. Implement both parts (a) and (b) de- scribed in the book. As before, the description of the type rules and semantic rules needs to be extracted from the Tiger Language Reference Manual in Appendix A. Environment and Support Files For working on this lab, change the environment variable PROG in your .profile file to chap5 . As usual, you can find support code in ${TIGER}/${PROG} . The Absyn package contains a few new versions of abstract syntax tree classes. Use diff to see the differences with the old versions. The Translate package contains the empty abstract class . This is used as place holder for future parts of the compiler. The Types package contains classes repre- senting the data types of the Tiger language. The main files for you to work with are the files in package Semant . In particular, you should modify Semant/ . You may also wish to add additional classes to avoid cluttering
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