March 17 2011 Wed Notes

March 17 2011 Wed Notes - Old times people understood...

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3/17/11 Old times; people understood something caused diseases, used various ways to control diseases Leprosy - Isoniazid antibiotic was introduced in early 1950s for treating Tuberculosis - Understood quickly that microorganism lepri was in the same genus of tuberculi organism, found antibiotic for TB worked for leprosy too (both are mycobacterium) - More modern drugs for leprosy: Rifampin (affects DNA/RNA) and/or Dapsomycin - Antibiotics make huge contribution IV. Bacillus anthacis - causes ANTHRAX - Disease of grazing animals (sheep, cows, buffalo) - large gram + spore forming bacillus, resides in soil - aerobic - spore plays major role in infectibility / disease -causing & life cycle - adapts to extreme temperatures/unfavorable conditions by producing spores - Spores cause serious issues with humans: can grow IN or ON your body cause the spore will germinate - wherever the site of initial infection that's the kind of anthrax infection you get. ex. Skin cut - spore gets in this, causes a localized skin infection (red swollen hot & painful) - eventually lesion forms with pus, infiltrated with RBCs & will break open and have dark 'black' colored scab-like thing. - lesion is often misdiagnosed for something else; looks like a staph infection - organisms then escape original site and spread into circulatory system to give a generalized infection = cutaneous anthrax = having skin lesion first then it develops and spreads to circulatory system if not detected early enough. - Pulmonary anthrax (will come back later to this) - most doctors haven't seen anthrax cases - Robert Koch worked on anthrax; treated rural Germany and familiar with anthrax - spores of anthracis is extremely long lived - can survive for decades/centuries - have collected spores before 125 years later and they're still viable
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March 17 2011 Wed Notes - Old times people understood...

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