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LSU EE 7700-2 Homework 3 Due: 23 March 2011 For this assignment check out the code using: cd ~ svn co https://svn.ece.lsu.edu/svn/gp/hw/hw2 The solution to Homework 2 is in fles starting with “sol”. For this assignment modi±y the “sol-” fles. Problem 1: The Homework 2 solution in routine sol-kernel.cu:stencil_shared_2 does not access shared and global memory efciently. As a result it runs more slowly than
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Unformatted text preview: stencil_shared , the problem is worse with larger values oF R . ix the problem in routine stencil_shared_3 . Note: The code was updated Saturday at about 18:25 (r272). Use that version, the version checked in riday night is more tedious to work with. 1...
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