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LSU EE 7700-1 Homework 7 Due: 15 April 2009 Read “NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GPU Architecture Overview,” linked to the course references page, and answer the questions below. Problem 1: The 8800 implements a unifed shader model , meaning it uses the same processor for both vertex and fragment (pixel) processing. What is the advantage of doing so. Hint: This is really easy and can be answered directly from the white paper. Problem 2: Describe at least two possible disadvantages of the uniFed shader model. These disadvantages might have outweighed the advantages in previous generation GPUs, which had separate (not uniFed) programmable shaders. Hint: This question is harder and requires some understanding of computer architecture. Problem 3: The white paper describes texture Flter and texture address units. What they do is
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Unformatted text preview: straightforward, but how are they used? Are they: (1) programmable units (like the stream pro-cessors) with a (possibly secret) instruction set of their own, (2) functional units (like oating-point ALUs) which are used using stream-processor instructions, (3) state machines that are operated using special control registers (like DMA controllers), (4) just subroutines that run on stream pro-cessors using ordinary stream processor instructions (like system calls or library functions), or (5) something else. Your answer should indicate what you are basing your conclusion on (page number, etc) and how sure you are it is correct. The answer may range from an educated guess to a precise answer based on a source. eel free to Fnd sources other than the NVIDIA white paper. 1...
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