hw05 - s s 1 s 2 MSB LSB Problem 2: Consider the pair of...

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LSU EE 2720-2 Homework 5 Due: 28 November 2011 Please read textbook sections 2.9 and 2.10 (Verilog introduction) in time for Monday’s class. Problem 1: In the 8-input multiplexer below, constructed from smaller multiplexers, the select inputs, s 0 , s 1 , and s 2 , were connected in what would normally be considered the wrong order. That is, if the mux inputs were numbered consecutively starting from the top from 0 to 7 then a select input of 2 would not route the third input to the output. Number the inputs based on the select bits as connected so that if the select bits represent i then input i (using your numbering) is routed to the output. ( Do not change the select bit ordering, even though they are wrong.) Hint: Set the select bits to 3 ( s 2 = 0 , s 1 = 1 , s 0 = 1 ), then Fgure out which input is routed to the output. Label that input 3. Repeat for the other 7 possible select inputs.
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Unformatted text preview: s s 1 s 2 MSB LSB Problem 2: Consider the pair of logic functions: f = ( a + bc + bcd ) e f 1 = ( a + bc + b cd ) e ( a ) Show how these can be implemented using a PLA(without external logic). Indicate: The number of inputs ( n ), the number of product terms (AND gates, p ), and the number of outputs, m . Draw a diagram of the PLA, using the abbreviated form in which a single wire connects to the AND-and OR-gates’ inputs. ( b ) Explain why a PAL would be less suitable than a PLA for the pair of functions above. 1 Problem 3: The diagram below is for a PLA. a b c d f 2 f 1 f ( a ) One of the outputs appears to be a mistake. Which one, and why? ( b ) Write a Boolean expression for each output. ( c ) Draw a logic diagram showing only the gates that are needed. 2...
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hw05 - s s 1 s 2 MSB LSB Problem 2: Consider the pair of...

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