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2311 Rec VIII - The product of reaction(a is an isomer of...

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CHEM 2311 Recitation VIII Week of 10/31/11 (Ch 8) 1. Write a structural formula for the major product formed if methyl bromide is treated with each of the following: a) LiN 3 c) NaSH e) NH 3 b) KCN d) NaSEt 2. The Fischer projection formula for (+)-2-bromooctane is shown. Write the Fischer projection of the (-)-2-otanol formed from it by nucleophilic substitution with inversion of configuration. C H 3 B r C H 2 ( C H 2 ) 4 C H 3 H 3. Each of the reactions shown involves nucleophilic substitution.
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Unformatted text preview: The product of reaction (a) is an isomer of the product of reaction (b). By what mechanism does nucleophilic substitution occur? Write the structural formula of the product of each reaction. C l C l S N a S N a ( a ) ( b ) 4. Which is the better nucleophile in methanol? (a) H 3 CH 2 COCH 2 CH 3 or H 3 CH 2 CSCH 2 CH 3 (b) EtO-or EtS-(c) Cl-or Br-...
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