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CHEM 2311 Organic Chemistry I Fall 2011 MWR 10:30AM Dr. Pamela Stenberg All readings will be from Organic Chemistry by P.Y.Bruice ( Sixth Edition , Prentice Hall). Due to time limitations not all material in each chapter will be covered. Exam dates will not be changed; tentative outline of material is as follows: Sept 7,8,12 Electronic Structure and Bonding Chapter 1 Sept 14,15,19 Intro to Organic Compounds Chapter 2 Sept 21,22 Radical Halogenation Chapter 12 Sept 26 Help Session September 28 Hour Exam I (covers Ch 1,2,12) Sept 29, Oct 3,5 Alkenes Chapter 3 Oct
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Unformatted text preview: 6,12,13 Reactions of Alkenes Chapter 4 Oct 17,19,20 Stereochemistry Chapter 5 Oct 24 Help Session October 26 Hour Exam II (covers Ch 3,4,5) Oct 27,31, Nov 2 S N 1/S N 2 Reactions Chapter 8 Nov 3,7,9 E1/E2 Reactions Chapter 9 Nov 10 Reactions of Alcohols Chapter 10 Nov 14,16 Delocalized Electrons Chapter 7 Nov 17 Help Session November 21 Hour Exam III (covers Ch 8,9,10,7) Nov 28,30, Dec 1 Reactions of Alkynes Chapter 6 Dec 5 Organometallic Compounds Chapter 11 Dec 7 Help Session Dec 9-16 FINAL EXAM cumulative...
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