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Communication 101, Fall 2011 Assignment 2 Your assignment is to be a keen observer at a family or a group dinner (Thanksgiving or some other “ceremonial” occasions [e.g. birthdays] wou ld work well. [It is fine if the dinner is not in English]). During the dinner, pay close attention to any noteworthy communication-related behaviors or exchanges (i.e. a communication event). This might include such things as: -- someone tells a joke and people laugh/don’t/groan; someone tells a story, and people respond with advice; siblings have a fig ht or tease one another; people compliment the food (even if it isn’t great), or criticize it; parents interrogate children; children ignore parents’ advice, etc. The point of this assignment is for you to identify communication behaviors that reflect and explain a relationship. So in your answer, make sure you are explaining how the communication you identify demonstrates this point. Specifically: Write up a one-page description of ONE COMMUNICATION
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