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Unformatted text preview: Roi Estlein Intro to Comm. & Info Dinner With the Haq Family On a regular day, my three siblings and I know that we all wont have the time to sit down with the whole family and have an intimate dinner which our parents long for. With our busy schedule0,s and the rarity of all six of us being home at the same time keeps us from having family dinner as frequently as before. However, as holiday season comes around, we become really aware of what we are about to experience once we arrive. This past thanksgiving, all of us came back to our humble abode well prepared for the ritual announcement made by our mother as a fair warning to our father to let us kids rest easy and not overwhelm us with activities he plans days in advance. So as we sat around the family living room, our mom clears her throat to say assertively: Shariq, now you know how I feel about you making the kids run around when theyre back at home. Let them relax this one break, no need to take them to their uncles or aunts place, no need to make them run any errands, lets just all stay in for the few days they are here and just hang out. Just us six. Now if I see you slip up, Ill let you know. So please, let us few days they are here and just hang out....
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