Human Resource Management

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______ is the process of evaluating and improving performance. Performance planning Training and development Assessment center Performance management Which of the following is not a step in the performance management process? Identifying performance dimensions. Developing performance measures. Evaluating employee performance. Terminating underperforming employees. Louise's supervisor considered her messy desk in evaluating her organizational abilities. This irrelevant information is considered a ________. deficient performance measure contaminated performance measure performance standard invalid measure Jake values his workers, and thinks everyone is outstanding. However, the individual comparison approach to evaluation that used by his company requires him to use every possible ranking from very poor to outstanding. Which evaluation approach is this? Ranking approach Paired comparison Forced distribution Absolute approach Anna scored high on cooperation but low on product knowledge. It is likely that her performance was evaluated using ________. absolute approach
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chp9 - is the process of evaluating and improving...

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