Human Resource Management

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Unformatted text preview: ________ ensures that new employees know and understand company policies and procedures. Employee training Professional development Employee orientation Employee contributions What is the systematic process of providing employees with the competencies required to do their current jobs? Needs assessment Onboarding Development Training The steps for designing effective training programs includes all of the following EXCEPT: goal-setting. design. implementation. evaluation. What is the name of the program reported in the Company Spotlight that helped IBM become more adaptable and agile in responding to customer needs? OnStar Learning Online Learning On Demand Learning Outside the Classroom Learning The job required Andrew to be able to use Access but the HR department's assessment determined he was proficient with Excel but not Access. This is an example of ________. organization analysis person analysis task analysis gap analysis Barbara was not able to go out to dinner because she wanted to finish developing a(n) ________...
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chp8 - ________ ensures that new employees know and...

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