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Human Resource Management

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Chapter 6 Quiz ______ is identifying employees, communicating organizational and job attributes to them and convincing them to apply for available jobs. Workforce planning Recruitment Selection Hiring What is the process of seeking job applicants within the company? internal recruiting job posting selection internal hiring Which of the following is NOT good "netiquette" for advertising jobs on a company intranet? Make sure the site's navigation is intuitive. Use the intranet to encourage employees to engage in career development. Encourage competition among managers for internal talent. It is not necessary to acknowledge the applications from employees you do not plan to interview, only those who will be interviewed. According to the Company Spotlight, what was the assumption that lead to the success of the intranet employee recruitment program at Deloitte? The intranet is the only way to communicate with employees regarding career advancement.
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chp6 - Chapter 6 Quiz is identifying employees...

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