Human Resource Management

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The theory that employees make decisions regarding how to act at work based on which behaviors they believe will lead to their most valued work-related rewards and outcomes is ________. goal setting reinforcement expectancy agency Franklin knew that if he sold 5 more cars this month that he would win the top salesperson of the year prize which was an all-expense paid trip to Aruba for him and his partner. Aruba and sunshine are Franklin and his partner's favorite vacation spot. In terms of expectancy theory, what would the trip be considered? Bonus Incentive Instrumentality Valence Jordan's outstanding performance as a pharmaceutical rep earned her a $5000 reward. This could be considered a ________. straight piecework merit pay increase lump-sum merit bonus differential piecework According to the Company Spotlight, which company credits its piecework incentive program, in place since 1934, for its success? FirstMerit Bank Moeller Jewelry Sears Lincoln Electric Giving a $500 cash prize for the highest sales volume for the current month was the Friendly Auto Sales incentive to sales associates and an example of ________.
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