CJ notes - detterence an identification theory and process,...

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Newton- what goes up must come down -crack brought in a host of problems -pg.110- DNA- the DNA movement has its fingerprint counter part -pg.111 1953-1969- the warren court- conservative body of jurist - two most famous decisions map- mirranda- 1961 increase of street crime - the impact is miniscul and does not compare to street crime deterrence- 2 aspects general specific pg. 124 p. 126- Jim Thinkanal- the belief you can scare people to being straight pg. 126 propoganda- a mechunism by which gov. tried to persway the citizens that thier policies are good the death penalty-a sanctuion heavily wayed in deterance type thinking, execution will lower rates of homicide pg. 130 - brutalization- says there is such a thing as identification
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Unformatted text preview: detterence an identification theory and process, it claims people will identify with the people being punished ex. i will not kill the man who slept with my wife the death penalty does not suggest that killing is wrong they believe some people deserve to die Atkins- case of the mentally retarted- in this case the supreme court prohibited the case of the mentally retarted-psychologist try to remember 69 or below - Alvin Ford- killed a police officer- death role- he became coco for coo coo pufss and started hallucinating- his defenders said you cant kill a crazy guy - the person has to know what is happening to them, your not fulfilling the states sanctions-who determines if someone is crazy...
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CJ notes - detterence an identification theory and process,...

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