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Chapter 3- know the different types of scapegoating theories? they all try to understandd the assignment of blame- who gets blamed- Kambodia- which people were selected among the others religious and anthropological social psychology- holocoust- the jews and slaves were targeted as scapegoats pg. 38 f for fascist- Michelle Fouco- a philosisper, Stan Cohen, David Garlen(pg. 40-41 a similar shift in thinking, the terror )- criminologist at NYU- author of crime and social order in contemptol society- how systems of thought change over time, how s street crime reconcepualized - be presents
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Unformatted text preview: no longer talking about crime, were talking about criminals and finding them which relieves them of dealing with the crime, shouldn't we understand crime and the framework? - this causes a lot of people to be in jail, Chapter 4- Said- pay attention to the stories on his website- know them in side out Chapter 5- Hate crime as Backlash Violence federal hate crimes- 1964 p.g 72-73 hate crimes- stand cohen- stereotypes are pictures in our heads- herms are racially cotted Chapter 6- profiling and detention in post 9-11 what does a terrorist look like?...
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