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HW5 Asm to add

HW5 Asm to add - CX = AX BX For this assignment you should...

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CSC 322 Homework Five Due September 19, 2011 You are to write one assembly language program that ‘does’ your HW3 assignment for you. Recall that our HW3 had you calculate by hand how the Intel architecture would add two ‘words’ together and set its flags. HW3 also had you translate the ‘answer’ into signed and unsigned interpretations. For this assignment, you don’t need to worry about the translations, just the ‘word’ answer and the flags set. One variation: on HW3 you used performed some math like:
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Unformatted text preview: CX = AX + BX For this assignment you should do: AX = AX + BX We will see in class how to write this code and how to display the contents of the registers. Here are the HEX values to add: AX BX 0123 + DCAB ABCD + DCAB FFFF + 0001 0F0F + F0F0 5678 + 2468 7FFF + 0135 ABCD + FEDC 0B0B + B0B0 7FFF + 7FFF 8000 + 8000 You should email a copy of your one source file to: [email protected] before class time on the due date....
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