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Vocabulary vihara —A Buddhist monastery, often cut into a hill. chaitya hall —A South Asian rock-cut temple hall having a votive stupa at one end. for housing smaller stupas stupa- a grand circular mound modeled on earlier South Asian burial mounds of a type familiar in many other ancient cultures reliquary —A container for holding relics. circumambulation —In Buddhist worship, walking around the stupa in a clockwise direction, a process intended to bring the worshiper into harmony with the cosmos. around the stupa in a clockwise direction. mandala —Sanskrit term for the sacred diagram of the universe; Japanese, mandara. torana —Gateway in the stone fence around a stupa located at the cardinal points of the compass. harmika —In Buddhist architecture, a stone fence or railing that encloses an area surmounting the dome of a stupa that represents ne of the Buddhist heavens; from the center arises the yasti.
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Unformatted text preview: yasti —In Buddhist architecture, the mast or pole that arises from the dome of the stupa and its harmika and symbolizes the axis of the universe; it is adorned with a series of chatras (stone disks). ambulatory —A covered walkway, outdoors (as in a church cloister ) or indoors; especially the passageway around the apse and the choir of a church. In Buddhist architecture, the passageway leading around the stupa in a chaitya hall. yaksha (m.), yakshi (f.)—Lesser local male and female Buddhist and Hindu divinities.Yakshis are goddesses associated with fertility and vegetation. Yakshas, the male equivalent of yakshis, are often represented as fleshy but powerful males. Kanishka- came to power during the late first or early second century CE and who set up capitals at Peshawar and other sites in Gandhara, a region largely in Pakistan today, close to the Afghanistan border....
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