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Hideously White notes - Hideously White British Television,...

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1 “Hideously White” British Television, Glocalization, and National Identity Glen Creeber Television & New Media Television & New Media Vol. 5 . No. 1, February 2004, Vol. 5 . No. 1, February 2004, “Internal Colonization” ± The BBC brand name is now considered to be the “second most famous in the world after that of Coca-Cola” • it could be argued that the BBC produces a product that is as internationally persuasive and pervasive as any other global corporation. It has certainly been responsible for producing a form of cultural hegemony that has helped to dictate and form British public opinion and social attitudes for nearly a century. • In particular, the BBC has played a crucial role in conceiving and cementing notions of “Britishness” (both at home and abroad), intent on constructing a deep sense of national consciousness and consensus. “Internal Colonization” ± This “national consensus” was aided by the highly centralized structure of the BBC. • (1930’s) a National Programme from London was introduced, accompanied by regional programs from five centers in the Midlands, North, South,West, and Scotland (Wales and Northern Island were only introduced later). • (Regional programs) “did not produce an equitable balance of forces between London and the rest of the country. . . . TheNational Programme was, in every sense, the senior service”. • “one general policy” could “be maintained throughout the country and definite standards promulgated”.
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2 “Internal Colonization” ± “It is occasionally indicated to us… that we are apparently setting out to give the public what we think they need—and not what they want—but few know what they want and very few know what they need” • George Reith (BBC Director, 1924) “In the Name of National Unity” ± “Monopolizing the channels of public
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Hideously White notes - Hideously White British Television,...

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