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shr355chp16 - Case 16.4 1 Small businesses should also be...

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Ashley Stephens SHR 355 Chapter 16 Case 16.3 Mental Health: A Global Concern 1. Companies implement mental health awareness programs in the work place to enforce the fact that mental health problems can affect anyone. By raising awareness of the problem, companies can correct the misconceptions about mental health problems. 2. An employer can be protected from feigning and fraud by getting a health care professional or doctor to do an official assessment of employee’s mental health. 3. Employers have some responsibility for dealing with mental health problems when it affects the productivity and efficiency on the job.
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Unformatted text preview: Case 16.4 1. Small businesses should also be subject to federal safety and health regulations because The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 applies to all U.S. employers, regardless of the size of the business. 2. Complying with safety and health regulations is cost effective for a small business because they are investing in safety to save from future potential lawsuits and employee compensation. 3. A small business should take proactive approach to protect against all possible safety and health concerns....
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