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Case 8.3 Ethics Critical Thinking Questions 1. Yes, because there is a difference knowing what is right and actually doing so. One may know the code ethics for themselves, but they need to be knowledgable of how to approach a situation when they see others acting in an unethical way. 2. Yes there is some some risk. The person who is challenging the behavior must be left anonymous and protected so he/she is not attacked on the job. 3. Kirkpatrick evaluation framework, level 3 and 4. Level 3 because it has to deal with the employee's behavior after training is completed. Level 4 because it deals with the end results. Case 8.4 Emerging Trends 1. ROI assessment would be a useful measure when the training can show qualitative results within the company. For example, ROI would work within sales training.
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Unformatted text preview: Companies are able to measure the monetary gain as a result of ROI assessment. 2. To see whether training improves customer service skills and if the training helps organizations achieve its strategic goals. Instead of ROI, it is important to use behavior to measure the overall effectiveness of training. 3. Behavioral level of measurement can be assessed by administering a skills test before and after training. This will help the organization to determine whose behavior change after the training or not. In order to get the support of others to measure behaviors after training, a rewards program or appraisal system. With this rewards program, employees would evaluate the work of other employees....
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