mar456napoli - November 1988 Dear Mr. Napoli, I hope that...

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November 1988 Dear Mr. Napoli, I hope that this letter finds you well. Although you have produced a well thought out business plan for Schindler India, the effectiveness and results are yet to be identified. It has been eight months since your arrival in India and no elevators have been installed. Currently your business plan does not align with the changing environment in the Indian market. Instead of focusing on a line of standardized products and outsourcing key manufacturing and logistics, Schindler India should focus on an array of differentiated, customized, high quality, technologically advanced elevators.   I recommend that you adopt a B2B marketing strategy with a target market of construction firms within India that are responsible for building high-rise buildings in developed and developing urbanized areas where there is in an increase of office facilities and tourism attraction. By targeting this market, Schindler will be able to enter the market more quickly and compete with other elevator companies like Otis that possess the state of the art facilities to manufacture their own custom elevators. Product To penetrate market rapidly and take advantage of economies of scale, you have focused on simple and narrow product lines, with no allowances for customization. However, due to their lack of local experience, the standardized products introduced may not be in alignment with customer’s preferences. This misalignment might work to impede sales and promotion. On the contrary, customized products can offer Napoli greater opportunities to deal with a variety of customers. When targeting construction firms that are building mid to high rise buildings, it
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mar456napoli - November 1988 Dear Mr. Napoli, I hope that...

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