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Unformatted text preview: Momma MIA Momma MIA The Who Priscilla Kim, Michael Madonia, Christopher Stephanec, Ashley Stephens SECTION I: THE COMPANY, CONCEPT, SECTION I: AND PRODUCT(S) OR SERVICE(S) Product/Service Mix SECTION II: THE INDUSTRY SECTION II: Industry Structure W e n’ s Cl ot hi ng Re t ai l I ndus t r y om E- Com e r c e I ndus t r y m Section III: Market Research and Analysis Section III: Section V: The Marketing Section V: The Marketing Plan Target Market: educated, professional, women between ages 25­40 in metropolitan areas Initially target 1st time mothers Viral online advertising strategy Momma Mia company website Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Online pregnancy magazines and blogs Pricing: subscription service $30 monthly, 3 month, 6 month, annual subscriptions Section VI: Design and Section VI: Design and Development Location: warehouse in Louisville Used to store inventory, package, and ship No need for product testing Suppliers – provide Momma Mia with high quality items Zenoff Products, Reviva Labs, MyBirthClass Momma Mia website development Fully functional E­commerce site Robust customer database Development of unique packaging Section VII: Operations Section VII: Operations ...
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