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TheWho_M006_Section VI:VII

TheWho_M006_Section VI:VII - Development Status and Tasks...

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Development Status and Tasks Due to the nature of our service, Mama Mia has begun to develop our service in various ways. First, we have established certain items that will be included in the pregnancy care packages that will ship to customers. Secondly, we identified our warehouse for operations in Louisville, Kentucky. Since Momma Mia, does not develop any of its own products, there is no need for testing. Majority of our investment capital will be used to purchase care package items from suppliers, warehouse rental, and shipping costs. Momma Mia works diligently to find the most reliable suppliers to provide quality products for pregnancy. Our company has selected three major suppliers, which include Zenoff Products, Reviva Labs, and MyBirthClass. These suppliers will provide Momma Mia with the items needed for the care packages, which include stretch mark creams, pregnancy pillows, prenatal birthing and fitness books and DVDs, and various other items. Momma Mia has enlisted the services of a website designer by the name of Joshua Anderson. Mr. Anderson will be in charge of creating a full functional e- commerce website. The website will allow customers to place orders, rate products, and offer suggestions. In developing the website, Mr. Anderson will create a robust database that will keep track of customer orders and subscriptions. Once a customer places their order online, it will be recorded in our database and then the order will be filled in our warehouse. The development of the website will be free of cost. Difficulties and Risk Momma Mia is not faced with any design or development challenges. Product Improvement and New Products Mama Mia’s service will maintain a competitive edge by offering new products that may not be available in the retail market by partnering with small businesses that need a platform for their new product testing and promotions. In terms of the website’s design, we will offer features for customization in order for customers to pick and choose the products they prefer in their packages. Also, the products can be rated and recommended based upon customer and expert reviews. Costs The majority of costs are attributed to the pregnancy items that will be included in each basket. We will provide nine packages over the course of a woman’s pregnancy. The items in one of these baskets will provide by suppliers at an average cost of $50 per basket. Another cost associated with our service is packaging. Momma Mia wants expecting mothers to feel like they re receiving the gift of a lifetime. This will be
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established through our unique packaging. Instead of just sending various items in a plain box, Momma Mia is working on creating Momma Mia baskets. The baskets will be lined with silky soft material and covered in wrapping that displays the company’s name. Proprietary Issues
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TheWho_M006_Section VI:VII - Development Status and Tasks...

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