TheWho_M006_Section VII

TheWho_M006_Section VII - Development Status and Tasks Due...

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Unformatted text preview: Development Status and Tasks Due to the nature of our service, Mama Mia has begun to develop our service in various ways. First, we have established certain items that will be included in the pregnancy care packages that will ship to customers. Secondly, we identified our warehouse for operations in Louisville, Kentucky. Since Momma Mia, does not develop any of its own products, there is no need for testing. Majority of our investment capital will be used to purchase care package items from suppliers, warehouse rental, and shipping costs. Currently, Momma Mia is working to establish relationships with our potential suppliers. In addition, we are surveying our target market to ensure that we meet the needs through our service. Our team is working diligently to establish a marketing plan that will generate the sales needed. Difficulties and Risk Momma Mia is not faced with any design or development challenges. Product Improvement and New Products Mama Mias service will maintain a competitive edge by offering new products that may not be available in the retail market by partnering with small businesses that...
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TheWho_M006_Section VII - Development Status and Tasks Due...

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