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The Marketing Plan Overall Marketing Strategy Momma Mia seeks to provide all things pregnancy directly to our consumer’s doorstep! It is our goal to become the go-to brand for pregnancy items. In order to establish this kind of brand recognition and attain a large amount of sales, Momma Mia has developed a detailed marketing strategy to reach our target customers. Through primarily online and magazine advertisements, Momma Mia expects to target a large consumer base of f educated, professional first time pregnant woman and their friends and family members. Momma Mia targets educated, pregnant professionals between the ages of 25-40 in metropolitan areas. To reach this demographic, we position ourselves as the top ten pregnancy sites on the web and the most featured company in magazines. As a pregnancy care package service, we pride our self on our convenience and expertise, which most of our competitors fail to provide. In terms of convenience, we offer all the necessary items for pregnancy in eight baskets over the course of the three trimesters, shipped directly to the customer. Unlike our competitors, specialists and the customers themselves have recommended all of the items in our care packages. Our company will launch our service On December 5 th , 2011. During our initial intensive selling efforts, we will target pregnant first time mothers with limited time and knowledge to show for items on their own. To attract these individuals we will use viral online advertising strategy. We plan to advertise our service through Google Ads, Twitter, Facebook, and on our company website. Our market research shows that most women access the Internet for information related to pregnancy. In addition, the women in our target market find it more convenient to order all the necessary items from one site online than to go out into retail stores and purchase the items themselves. According, to a research study on IBIS world, 65% of pregnant women obtain all the knowledge related to pregnancy through online sources. This includes well-known books, DVDs, and centers for pregnancy. Although Mama Mia intends on being a national brand, we will start by
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TheWho_M006_SectionV - The Marketing Plan Overall Marketing...

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